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Luke 1:37

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”


This verse is highlighting the reality that nothing, meaning no thing, or not one thing real or imagined, will or is impossible with God’s help. God is capable of doing whatever he wants, and is powerful enough to accomplish anything that is in accordance with his will.


The angel Gabriel had already visited Zechariah and told him that he and Elizabeth would have a child despite her age. Elizabeth had been barren her whole life and now God, like he did with Sarah, was going to defy her age and body. He was going to produce a child in her who would prepare the way for Jesus.

In the same way Gabriel was now visiting Mary. He was foretelling of God’s power working in her, a virgin, to produce a child who would be called the Son of God, our Savior. So Gabriel’s words are a response to what God had already done in Elizabeth, and a confirmation to Mary that he would accomplish his purposes in her and through her with the coming of Christ.


God is working through Gabriel and by the power of his amazing Spirit to accomplish his purposes in Elizabeth and in Mary which is working to prepare the way for our Savior Jesus Christ. This story and this verse is a great reminder to us that the great and mighty power of God has come to earth in human form. And it is because of that great act and Christ’s death on the cross that this same power is now ours. We serve a God who has saved us through his Son, has given us his Spirit, and is working impossible feats for his people everyday.


The reality of this verse is that there isn’t a single thing that God can’t do. He is so immense and powerful that he was even able to move mountains through Christ so set people free from their sin and from the curse of death. This is our mighty creator God who has loved his creation by doing what seems impossible to us. He sent his son to die for sin yet he come to new life in righteousness that all who would receive him are given the right to be children of God. What an amazing and powerful God we serve!


Everyday we are confronted with situations big and small that seem impossible to us. We run into proverbial walls that seem impassible, and yet we have a God who said that nothing is impossible with him. Will we believe that promise today and everyday. Will we believe and live in the reality that the God who can raise dry bones to new life is the same God who can take the hardest realities and use them for good, can turn mourning to joy, can guide us to safe harbors, can heal the greatest sicknesses and sorrows, and will one day raise his people to new life. Let us walk in the confidence that all things are possible for God and with God. For we have a God who delights to work the impossible in the lives of his people for their good and his glory.

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