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Matthew 1:21–23

[21] She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” [22] All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet:

[23] “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,
and they shall call his name Immanuel”

(which means, God with us)

Many in our society today, both young and old alike, question the validity of the scriptures and really the validity of Jesus Christ as the Messiah and Son of God. You will hear people say things like, “Jesus is a made up figure in history,” or “the scriptures can’t be true because the Old Testament God is different than the New Testament God,” or “the Bible is so full of errors and we don’t even have the original manuscripts.”

Now, much could be said in order to defend these objections. One, the reality is that the disciples would not make up a person like Jesus or really the New Testament scriptures because one of Jesus’ main goals is to tell his people that they are unable to get to God on their own.

No human made religion would say that. If Jesus was made up he would either say that everyone is going to heaven, or he would give a list of commands that we would have to follow to be saved. This would mean that we could save ourselves. Also, it should be stated that most scholars, even secular scholars believe that Jesus Christ was a real person.

Many people will talk about the many supposed errors that are in the scriptures because of all of the copying that has been done over the years.

When we put all of the ancient manuscripts together (over 20,000 New Testament, and many thousand Old Testament manuscripts are in existence today) we see that the scriptures we have today are over 95% accurate. That is better than any other book in existence.

But one of the most astounding realities of scripture is that it is telling the same story from beginning to end. Jesus Christ is at the center of the story of Old Testament as everything it says is pointing Israel to their need for a Savior (Christ), and he is the central figure in the New Testament. His life, teachings, death, burial, and resurrection are recorded in the gospels, and the rest of the New Testament talks about the church forming and growing as a result, and about Christ coming back in the future.

This is why Matthew was able to recite the above verse from Isaiah 7:14 when talking about the birth of Jesus. He knew that Jesus was and is the central figure of all of scripture and when he came to earth he had to come exactly in the way Isaiah had predicted he would; born of a virgin for the purpose of saving his people from their sin.

No, Jesus is not a made up God and Savior. He is the central figure that the whole Bible talks about and we can stand firm in our faith knowing that what Isaiah predicted and prophesied about in roughly 700 B.C. is exactly what was fulfilled by Jesus Christ in the first century A.D. This means that he is a God and Savior that we can trust and fully put our hope in.  

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