Sex and Money Can’t Save You

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Sex sells”? Maybe a business person has spouted off the line, “You need to spend money to make money.”

These two phrases point to a real and dangerous problem in our society. We are obsessed with sex and money. They are definitely good and glorious creations from a perfect and good God; however, we have turned them into the things in which we try to find our happiness.

In his book Sex and Money, Paul David Tripp gives us insight into what happens when we turn sex and money into the things that will satisfy us. He writes:

“The created thing will give you a short-term buzz of euphoria, it will offer you temporary pleasure, it will provide a momentary sense of well-being, it will briefly make you feel that you’re something, and it may even make your problems seem not so bad for a bit. It’s all very intoxicating. It all feels great. The problem is that the created thing that you’re looking to has no capacity to satisfy your heart. It wasn’t designed to do that. It cannot give you inner peace. It cannot give you the heart rest of contentment. It cannot quiet your cravings. In a word, it cannot be your Savior. And if you look outside of the Savior for something to be your savior, that thing will end up not being your savior but your master.

Sex and Money, pg. 22

Anything, whether sex, money, relationships, possessions, jobs, etc… That we use to satisfy us will ultimately leave us empty in the end. Why? Because we are using them to do something only Jesus can do. Namely, give us eternal life, joy, satisfaction, and peace.

Are things like sex and money good things? Yes, but only when used with the understanding that they are good gifts, given by a good God, to be enjoyed in accordance with his word, but not worshipped.

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